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This session we should review our introduction of proposal in groups unfortunately I understand that my work was completely wrong it had many APA errors and writing mistakes

We had one to one peer correction. My group mate Miss Alikahi found many errors in my introduction she recommended me plenty of fruitful rules. I fully trust her language experience and writing ability

There are some of them like


(Why the topic is important (covered in your introduction

(What the problem is (also covered in your introduction

APA headings follow a complex hierarchy, with provision for up to five levels. These come, in descending order, as levels 5, 1, 2, 3, 4. But, if one, two, or three levels of headings are required in a paper, use levels 1, 3, and 4, in that order. If four levels are required, interleave level 2 between levels 1 and 3. If five levels are required, start with level five and work down the remaining hierarchy in order (5, 1, 2, 3, 4). Confused? Most papers will need no more than three levels. To avoid confusion these are labeled A, B, and C below

Level A Headings are Centered and Set in Heading Caps

Level B: Flush with Left Margin, Italicized, Set in Heading Caps

         Level C headings: Indented, italicized, sentence caps, end with a period. These headings are sometimes referred to as paragraph or run-in headings. Although they end with a period (or other punctuation) they need not be complete sentences or grammatically correct


Double space the text, but single space within block quotes, references, and the abstract

Footnotes are rarely used in APA papers, except for author affiliation and contact information--the author note

Hyphenation should not occur at the end of lines, only between words when necessary

Indent paragraphs, block quotes, and hanging indents one-half inch (1.25 cm or five to seven spaces

Justification should be set to "off" or "left margin only" (the right margin should be uneven, a ragged right margin

Keyword emphasis requires the use of italics, but only the first time a term is used. If the intent is to indicate odd or ironic usage, use quotation marks

Margins should be at least 1" all around (about 2.5 cm

Page numbers are required on every page: Number pages consecutively

The page header summarizes the title in a few words. The header and page number go inside the margin space, double spaced above the text, next to the right margin

Word processor features--such as bold and italic fonts and hanging indents--should be used as appropriate

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